About us

How it all started

You definitely know that big talks of some business coaches often have no effect.
“I can do anything! I will do it! I will reach the goal!”

In our case, it happened in a different way.
Our great business started as follows: “Well, why not, let’s try…”

We tried and mixed the

following ingredients

  • Olga Danilova, 44 y.o.
  • Snezhana Härma, 42 y.o.
  • 15 years of joint pastry and baking experience.
  • 40 years of joint IT medical experience.
  • Optimism + pessimism.
  • Adventurism + a clear business plan.
  • A team of professional pastry chefs.
  • Some money.
  • Great love for the Pavlova dessert.

There was no need to whip it up. After a few months, it took the right shape. We closed our eyes and opened our first cafe.

Now we have nine team members, hundreds of puff desserts and a million plans for the future.