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We did it!

– We refined the recipe to its finest details. In the process, we had to waste hundreds of kilograms of sugar and hundred thousand eggs! This is due to the fact that, trying a different amount, you can only change one component at a time! The amount of sugar, the state of egg-white, acid or starch, temperature, whipping time, cooling time, size, etc. Even if we know physicochemical processes the products are subject to, there is a huge number of variations.

– Sorry, but we cannot satisfy your little whim and make cakes smaller or pies bigger. Otherwise, we will have to re-formulate it only for you. Moreover, a much-anticipated cake may not meet your expectations; it may have a thick crust or stick to your teeth after each bite.

– We bake bases for cakes and pies EVERY DAY and store them in individual boxes for NO LONGER THAN 24 hours.

– We serve the dessert just before giving it to our guest. Ready-made cakes are displayed in the shop window for no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

– We only use natural 35% sugar-free cream, whipped in the course of making the dessert.

Fresh berries and fruits are delivered to us on a daily basis.

We put our heart and soul into each cake!