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We are the only cafe in the world that specializes solely in making the Pavlova cake. We have about 10 different types of this dessert, but they are all made according to the traditional recipe: the base is soft soufflé with a crispy crust, and whipped cream and juicy berries on top.

If there's no Pavlova cake in Heaven,I'm not going.

About our favorite

Pavlova dessert

We know that you know. Although, when it comes about Pavlov, some people still think of the famous dog used by the professor to set up his experiments…

And now your attention, please: imagine a cloud of soft, puff soufflé covered by elegant, like a tutu skirt, yet crisp meringue… There is airy whipped cream on top, in which sweet-smelling berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and what is more, pomegranate and passion fruit, are wonderfully immersed…

So, do you already have that unconditioned reflex?

We always have it!

If we take it seriously, a lot has been written about the history of origin of the Pavlova dessert. Honestly, every restaurant in the world that has ever cooked Pavlova can tell its favorite story.

Anyway, one thing is certain: the marvelous cake was named after the greatest Russian ballerina who was on tour in Australia and New Zealand in 1926. In 1997, professor Leach.Helen M. even wrote a whole book telling this confusing and almost detective story “The pavlova cake: the evolution of a national dish”. There is a big article about it on the Wiki website. Feel free to follow the link and read it).

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Thank god that I don’t live in Tallinn, because otherwise I would weight 100kg in no time - all the cakes and stuff are soooo good!!!! Really really good!
Triin Paabo
I really dont’t think I will eat another Pavlova that was not made by the Pavlova Cake. Very impressed.
Piret Brenner
As a New Zealander visiting Tallinn i was amazed to find a cafe specializing in our country’s famous desert! They were made delicately and the perfect blend of cream and sweetness and not too much fruit. The pavlova I bought got a little battered on the way back to the hotel but it was inhaled in 1 minute after it was opened! The best and most authentic pavlova I’ve bought in europe! The cafe owner is a lovely person too and so passionate about Pavlova great work!
Dean Victor Allen